Rhinoplasty is widely regarded as one of the most challenging operations in plastic surgery to perform well. It has evolved in the last 20 years from a procedure that was mostly performed closed to one that is almost always performed open ( see more on open versus closed rhinoplasty under Primary Rhinoplasty ) . As well as changes in rhinoplasty techniques over the years , changes in patients’ tastes and fashion have occurred so that patients now desire a much more discrete and natural result with a “soft” appearance to their nose and one that blends in harmoniously to the rest of their facial features.In this way their nose should pass for the one that they could have been born with. Mr Greensmith believes that a good rhinoplasty is one that is not noticed by friends or family of patients who do not know surgery has occurred . Noses should not looked “operated on ” and function should be preserved at all costs and ideally improved after rhinoplasty surgery.

Undergoing rhinoplasty surgery is a decision that should not be taken lightly and should be carefully considered with the help of a detailed consultation with a rhinoplasty expert. After this you should feel completely confident with your surgeon and their staff and feel free to ask further questions after your consultation or even request a second consultation before proceeding with surgery. Following surgery Mr Greensmith surveys all his patients at 6 weeks after surgery to get feedback on their overall experience ranging from the preoperative consultations, the hospital experience at surgery and post -operative care. Both positive and negative feedback is welcomed and is essential and valued by Mr Greensmith and his staff to help maintain their world class standards of patient care. A rhinoplasty should be an overall positive experience, one that you undertake ideally once and that results in a “nose for life”.


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