Mr. Andrew Greensmith speaks on his practice as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Melbourne. He mentions that having trained in different centres around the world has enabled him to hone his skills. He also states that it is a gratifying experience to change the lives of his patients for better. Through his profession he is able to raise the self esteem of his patients and that’s what makes it so rewarding.
Mr. Andrew Greensmith MBChB FRACS

I’ve been very fortunate to train internationally in many centres around the world in various types of plastic surgery. One of the things that really makes it so rewarding a profession to be part of is to see the incredible change in people self esteem whether it be as result of an aesthetic operation such as a Rhinoplasty or other forms of reconstructive surgery. To see them change from patients who have quite low self esteem before surgery, who even have trouble coming for consultation because of their fear about surgery, to see the change in that person in their everyday life as a result of surgery when they come to the office following surgery.